[Poem] The Sorrow Of Growing Old Yet Still A Single Woman

It is said that a woman wrote the following poem from al-Baahah Mountain. It was written because she was forbidden from marriage until she became so old that few were interested in marrying her. She said:

When my fingertips wrote my letter, tears were flowing from my eyes.

I sent it to my affluent father who embraced me with protection and affection.

I sent it, and it contained that which I could not say; but what my heart and soul desires.

I sent it and tears fell upon its ink and I wrote it from a puzzling situation.

I kept it hidden from the most important one, but it did not prevent me from breaking from this concealment.

When I think of my drowning indeed my gray hair ignites as if my gray hair was luminous.

O you who are put off due to my old age.

Indeed, years of sadness have already passed.

When I see children, my tears flow, my heart burns from the fire of my deprivation.

When I see another woman living with her husband and her child sleeping in the nursery.

When I see her and her love with her child.

Your hand afflicts my heart with something.

O you who have not been killed by sorrow killed without a bow and arrow?

O you who make the Laws of my Lord like this.

Isn’t it a requirement to have a husband and a child?

This is the fair and wise judgement of Allaah.

Indeed my Lord required it of mankind.

If you desire my salary and my profession then take what you like without any sin.

But if you seek to sell your daughter to whoever will pay a large sum, which is a different matter.

This, by the Lord of the House, is a terrible sale.

Like the sale of a sheep and two lambs.

By flaunting your gain do not waste my future or what time is sufficiently wasted.

If you do not stop and do not heed my letter, know that Allaah will never forget me.

The Day of Judgement we will be called to hold account by the one God, Ad-Dayyaan.

And Hell will come with the angels around it, and you will see tongues from fire.

There you will know the rights of every daughter that you jailed without right under your authority!

[Taken from “Supporting The Rights Of Believing Women” by Umm Salamah, Pp. 48-50]

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