Is it Permissible For a Father To Prevent His Daughter From Marriage For The Purpose of Completing Her Studies?

Shaykh Abdullaah bin Abdul Rahman Al-Ghudayaan

[Presented and Translated by Mustafa George DeBerry]

Question: Is it permissible for a father to prevent his daughter from marriage for the purpose of completing her studies?

Answer: The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “If a person approaches you who is upright in his religion and possess good character, then marry him(to your daughter or the likes). If you don’t, there will be much corruption and evil throughout the Earth.”

Therefore, if a man approaches, and he has good religion and good character, if he is trustworthy etc, it is not permissible for the father to prevent the marriage from taking place. It is possible that the father makes an agreement with the man who is marrying his daughter, that she completes her studies.

This is because there is no doubt that in completing her studies is a benefit for the husband, the children, whether they are males or females, in the future, as well as benefit for the female and the Muslims as a whole.

If this female completes her studies, she can teach and benefit the Muslims in the future. I don’t think if the man has good character and religion, that he would want to prevent his wife from completing her studies.

4 thoughts on “Is it Permissible For a Father To Prevent His Daughter From Marriage For The Purpose of Completing Her Studies?

  1. What about the daughter’s opinion on that matter? Does she want to get married before completing her studies or would she rather wait until she completes her studies?

  2. What about young girls who are forced to marry at a very early age (see example at . Is a father required to marry such a young girl against her wish if a person approaches him “who is upright in his religion and possess good character”? How can such practices can be stopped to prevent “corruption and evil throughout the Earth”?

    • 1) No father can marry her daughter against her wish even if the man is pious and of good character. Its up to the girl who she wishes to marry.

      2) How can such practice be stopped? By teaching such ignorant people the TRUE teachings of Islam and clearing any misconceptions they may have due to their lack of knowledge. But before one can advise, one needs to have knowledge and needs to know the proofs, hence why learning is a part of refuting/helping/educating others.

      I hope this has answered your question.

      • Very good answer. Totally agree with you on that. Unfortunately, lots of people do not understand the difference between the normative religious teachings and diverse cultural practices, which can be inconsistent with the normative religious teachings (see examples at ). Educating such people is very important.

        I believe that it is also important to make help available to people, who are forced to do things against the true religious teachings or who are being abused by violent family members. If such matters are kept within the family as ‘private’, victims will never be identified and provided with help and false teachings and misconceptions will be passed from generation to generation. The wellbeing of all members of the community is a ‘community matter’.

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